Cum Forced Out Of Scally Lad’s Cock

Cum Forced Out Of Scally Lad’s Cock

by Cum Master

Based on a true experience

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Stevie – 19 years old. Member of Highfield Estate gang
Matt  -  18  )
Jason -  20  ) Leader of Parkway Crew. Rest are gang members. Rivals to Highfield Estate
Tyler -  18  )
Kev   -  19  )
Luke  -  18  )

I was returning to my council flat on the Highfield estate last Wednesday afternoon when it happened.

I decided to go down the Parkway to take a short cut home. I didn’t think there would be a problem – even though the Parkway is controlled by the Parkway Crew. They hate us members of the Highfield Estate gang. We tend to stay out of each other’s way most of the time – unless we’re looking for a bit of aggro.If we come across one of the Parkway crew on our turf, then we beat him up to teach him a lesson. And if one of our lads gets caught by the Parkway Crew, then he’ll also be taught a lesson. That’s the way it is.

My name’s Steven – Stevie to my mates – and I’m your typical council estate scally. You know the sort – trackie bottoms, t-shirt, baseball cap and Nike trainers. I’m on the dole – like most 19 year olds these days – so I spend my time hanging out with the rest of the lads on the Highfield.

Anyway, I was walking along near the underpass when suddenly a group of 5 lads came running out towards me. I immediately recognised them as being some of the Parkway gang. I thought about running but they were too close and I was bound to get caught.

“Hey, wanker, what do you think you’re doing round here?” shouted a tall dark-haired lad as they crowded round me to make sure I couldn’t get away. I recognised him as Jason – the 20-year old that was the gang’s leader.

“Nothing” I replied “Who’d want to spend any time hanging round this shithole” I replied defiantly.

“Don’t get cocky with me, you piece of Highfield scum” Jason replied.

“What are we gonna do to him, Jase?” asked a blonde-haired lad in the gang

“We’re gonna teach this Highfield cocksucker a lesson that he won’t forget in a hurry. Grab him lads and let’s take him down the lock-up for a bit of fun”

Hearing this, the lads all started laughing – “yeah” said one of them “Let’s see how much of a wanker this Highfield scum really is”


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I struggled a bit when three of them grabbed my arms and started frogmarching me away towards the tower blocks where they all lived. I knew I was gonna get a beating. But us Highfield lads are hard so I knew I could take it.

We ended up round the back of the tower blocks where there’s a long row of garages. They stopped in front of one, unlocked it and lifted up the up-n-over door.

“Here we are then, cocksucker. Let’s get you settled in” said Jase. The garage door was shut once we were all in.

One of the lads switched on the electric light in the garage and I could see what was in there. At the back was a workbench with boxes and stuff on it. But in the middle of the floor was a table. I just had time to notice that there were rings bolted into the concrete floor at the bottom of each of the tables legs. and that at one end of the table there was a large V-shaped hole at the table edge.

The lads dragged me towards the table and bent me over it so that I was face down with my head at the table edge. The table was just long enough to fit the distance from my hips to my head. My arms were forced down the sides of the table legs. Whilst two of the teen lads held my arms, another one strapped two leather cuffs that had D-rings around my wrists.The lad then got two short lengths of rope off the bench and tied the cuffs securely to the rings in the floor.

“Great” said Jase to the lads “that’s got the little fucker secure. Now lets do the other end”

To be continued

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